Helping you keep your professional radiance.

What would the world be

without you in it?

That question is at the heart of Burn Bright, a platform for professional caregivers. Here you will find the tools to ensure you stay “bright” in your profession when today’s working culture that can dim people’s passion. Whether you are mental health or medical professional, a lawyer or teacher, at Burn Bright, there will be a space for you to build a supportive community with like-minded professionals. In the Burn Bright Academy, you can participate in online courses tailored to keep you professionally radiant.

I see you caregiving professional

because I am you.

I know what its like to begin a career out of a calling to help and have it leave you feeling helpless. So join me, a former burned-out clinician, as I give you the tools to stay passionate, engaged, and professionally radiant.

Think of Burn Bright as your very own digital couch where you can curl up and relax. This website is your space. So kick your shoes off, grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and stay awhile!

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