Welcome to 2020, my driven dreamers! I hope 2020 is a year of both questions and answers for you. I woke up this morning unusually hopeful. Perhaps it was the fact that I’m feeling pretty optimistic about what 2020 has in store.
I have specific questions for myself and answers I hope to find as the year in business and in life. One of them will be getting back to writing just for the heck of it. Burn Bright is as much a safe space for me as I hope it is for you, and so I hope to sprinkle it with little love notes and reminders to myself and you as the 2020 journey unfolds.
But back to you and the magic that is Zora Neale Hurston. She makes a beautiful statement. Because some years do hold a journey of wonder and self-discovery, of half-finished dreams and newly discovered interests. And yet, other years bring a barrage of clarity and unearthed skills and personal treasures.

To help you on your journey, see below for a few questions and answers 2020 can bring.

So here are some great 2020 questions:

✔️What are some simple goals I want to get accomplished?
✔️How can I be my complete self in my personal and work life?
✔️What things do I need to let go of to create space for more joy?

Some great 2020 answers to go in search of:

✅My personal creed, theme, daily intention
✅My daily ritual that best suits my work and lifestyles
✅The secret formula to unlock my best self at work and at home

If you think you might need a fun and gentle guide to get you to those answers and help you ask the right questions, reach out to me. Let’s start the new year out, right! Also, comment below and let me know what 2020 will be for you?

Ps. if you haven’t read Their Eyes Were Watching God and you love a beautiful, bittersweet romance, put it on your list. That book changed my life.