The Story of Me:

I knew as a little girl I wanted to help people.  I was good at it, and it brought me joy.  I became a social worker in 2006, and by 2009 I was burned-out, compassion fatigued and traumatized.  I knew something was very wrong with me, but denial and poor coping skills kept me from finding out the source of my pain.

Perhaps even more disheartening was that the mental health community I was apart of gave me no answers.  We were all working hard to learn how to help our clients, but hardly any of the pieces of training and conversations focused on how to help ourselves.  

Instead of reaching out I retreated within myself, where I became my own worst enemy telling myself that if I cared about my clients, I wouldn’t be so bitter. I wouldn’t be so disconnected. Several medical diagnoses and 50lbs later, I finally accepted treatment, and it changed my life.

My experiences made me realize that I am just one of the thousands maybe millions who feel the same.  That though I felt alone.  I wasn’t.  I learned as many skills as I could to fight against burn out.  I knew better, and now I was confident that if I practiced what I learned, I would never feel burned-out again.  I became certified in compassion fatigue and burnout, and Burn Bright was born.

Burn Bight is a labor of love where I take the lessons I’ve learned and combine them with the training I received to help other people like you and me stay passionate about the work we love.

Burn Bright is the way I take care of the people who take care of the world.

So spend time with me as I tell you about the mistakes I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned with a touch of grace and lots of humor (there must be humor)!

I see you. I am you.  And it’s my honor to serve you.