You’ve been in your career for some time.  You love the work you do, but everything else is draining. You are tired of not having enough resources, hours in your day, or an organization that appreciates you. The meaning that you used to get from your work is gone.

Maybe you are frustrated by what feels like never enough hours in the day to get your work done. Maybe you are fighting overwhelm and exhaustion. Perhaps stress has led to your favorite pair of jeans no longer fitting.

People keep talking about “self-care,” but no one seems to know what that is.  And all you keep hearing is “get massages, try aromatherapy and yoga.”  You’ve tried all that, and you are not convinced it’s working.  

If this is your experience then the Burn Bright Academy was built just for you. This Academy was created after speaking with so many professional women. I’ve heard your pain.  I’ve heard your pain, because it was my pain too. I’ve lived your frustrations and I understand what it’s like to be in a career you love, but repeatedly in jobs you hate.  To read and study and want to be the best version of your professional self, only to feel burned out and empty. 

This course is made for you by someone who used to be you.




While I don’t pretend to know everyone’s experience, I do know a little bit about driven, passionate, and amazing women who burnout.  My goal was to develop a course that prevents that.  I want to teach the skills needed to alter your thinking and reconnect to your passion; to help you build a specific and practical self-care plan, and to help you create a supportive community to keep you moving forward with peace. Burn Bright Academy is about giving you the solutions and tools to cope with your struggles and keep you in the job you were born to do.

Burn Bright Academy is a four-week interactive online course. With a mixture of video, audio, and text for any learning style.  This course defines burnout and teaches you how to prevent and treat it in your life.

What does the Course Look Like?



Week 1: What is Burnout?

Week one will outline the four weeks that define what burnout is, how to treat it, how to create a self-care plan that works, and how develop community of support. Week one will present four lessons:

1. Defining burnout: what does it look like? A symptom inventory will be presented.

2. How does burnout, stress, and anxiety impact the body.

3. How burned out am I? What are the degrees of burnout and when does it become a clinical diagnosis known as compassion fatigue.

4. Finally, we will close with a simple trick you can learn to start combating symptoms.


Week 2: Shift Your Thinking: 4 Thoughts to Change Your Work World.

There will be four lessons dedicated to shifts in thought that are needed to prevent burnout.

  1. Who you are isn’t, what you do. 

2. I’ve got some good news and some bad news…the system sucks

3. Why are you in this?  

4. What is work really about?

Week 3: Self-Care Done Right

This week is all about building a Self-Care plan that works! We will discuss what self-care is, what it’s not, and then go over the five components that create an effective self-care plan.  By the time you have completed this week you will have a self-care journal and practice that will carry you through any situation.

Week 4: It Takes a Village: Building a Community of support

In week four we examine how to attract people in your life to be healthy supports.  We will discuss how to train the people you love to hold you accountable to your established goals. We will also talk about how to identify and invest in people who are safe and able to give you the comfort you need.


In each lesson, “Putting it all together,” worksheets will be provided to help you put into practice what you are learning.

There will be a discussion section where you can introduce yourself to other students and give any comments and questions you may have.



Life is tough and work can be hard. But I promise this course will be neither of those things. Burn Bright Academy is practical, well-paced, and gentle.  Seriously, when’s the last time you took a course that described itself as gentle?

So before you think about trying something else; going through one more day feeling burned out; or ignoring the sadness and anxiety driving you out of the career that you love; ask yourself:




Make a small investment of your time and money and start of building the life and lasting career you’ve always wanted.

Click to join the course.  

I promise I’ve got you…