Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes.  Everything isn’t for everybody.  So in that spirit, we offer a ten-day money back guarantee.  Try one week of the course, actually give the worksheets a go, and if you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

Can I have all the access to the content at once?

No, not to start. Each Sunday the course material for the next week will be available. Please don’t feel pressured to get things done in a week!  But each module will be presented one week at a time. When you’ve completed the course, all the materials will be yours to keep forever!

What if I can't afford the class, but I feel I really can benefit from it?

Burn Bright is rooted in helping professionals help others. I am passionate about this and committed to having as many people as possible benefit from these skills. Therefore there is a scholarship program we are setting up so that with each class 2 people are allowed to attend for free. Please click here for more details.

Does this course count toward CEUs or Professional Development?

Not yet, but know we are working to change this. However, I strongly encourage you to advocate to your profession to have this count toward professional development credits.

How often are the classes offered?

Right now Burn Bright Academy runs six times a year (Jan, March, May July, Sept, Nov).  If you miss the deadline for one class, we’ll place you on a waitlist for the next class.