More than ever, companies are looking for ways to preserve their workforce.  If you are here its because you don’t want to be just any company, you want to create employees who find joy in their work.  You know that Job stress accounts for 46 billion dollars in health costs including sick days and stress-related illnesses.  You want to invest in your employees, but you are tired of spending money on so-called “experts” who provide what amounts to unclear “pep” talks with no concrete, actionable steps to improve your workforce.

Are you a company looking  for helpful and actionable tools for employees?

Burn Bright can provide you several packages that can be tailored to your organization. Training can be anywhere from 60 mins to 2 days.  With any of these programs we will cover:

  • Improving your employees resilience and stress management skills in today's competitive workplace
  • 2-3 quick relaxation techniques that can be used in under 1 minute
  • Identify symptoms of Burnout and when to determine if its something more
  • How to reconnect with your mission?  What brought you to your career?
  • 4 essential paradigm shifts everyone needs to avoid burnout.
  • How to build a comprehensive self-care plan
  • How to identify appropriate supports to help maintain a work-life balance?

One-on-One executive coaching focusing on stress management, emotional intelligence, change management, and how to lead a resilient workforce are also available.