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Hello, lovely
I’m Kelley Anne, a fellow quirky, big-hearted helping professional.

Exhausted? Trouble concentrating or remembering? Cynical, detached, and running out of “care”? Yeah, that’s burnout.

I help hard-working, creative women in the helping professions who are struggling with burnout to recover using practical, easy, and fun strategies.

My services are focused on making you burnout-proof and keeping you vibrant and engaged in your career and your life.

My passion is teaching ambitious, big-hearted women how to bring their whole creative and practical selves to whatever they do.

You deserve to live a life free from burnout. You can go from burned out to burning bright. And I know how to get you there.

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Online Course

Group Program


Consultation services & workshops focused on burnout, workplace wellness, and race based trauma.

Authentic Productivity 

Learns tools to overcome overwhelm and increase joy in this virtual class.

Burn Bright Academy

6-week group program to overcome or prevent burnout while creating a supportive community that will reinforce your results.

Constation/ Workshops

1. Consultation with C-suite, general management, and HR to assist in burnout prevention, effective team building, workforce retention.
2. Connect with me to present specialized highly interactive workshops focused on burnout, race based trauma, and self-care/mindfulness tailored to your organization.
3. Having a conference or special event and in need of a dynamic and practical speaker?  Connect with me to see my list speaking topics.

PRICE: Contact me for details 


Interactive Workshops

Dynamic Speaking engagements

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Charla, Child Development Specialist.

Kelley has been amazing to work with. She's great to talk to and has the best resources and strategies to help relieve burnout. I recommend Kelley to anyone who is feeling burned out!